Maternal & Child Health Epidemiology

Maternal & Child Health Epidemiology (Online Graduate Certificate)


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This on-line Graduate Certificate in Maternal Child Health (MCH) Epidemiology is designed to combine training in maternal and child health epidemiologic concepts and methods with specialized training in analytic/data skills and a focus in one of a number of specific topic areas. Required coursework provides an overview of basic MCH epidemiologic concepts, methods, an elective in an analytic/statistical course, and the selection of a topic area within the field for more in depth training. The disease specialty areas consist of International MCH, Special Topics in Child Health, or Special Topics in Reproductive Epidemiology, of which one must be selected for the certificate. To provide additional training in commonly used analytic tools, the certificate requires the selection of one additional course in more advanced analytic methods or computing skills, either Epidemiologic methods I, Biostatistics II or Computer Applications for Public Health Researchers.

Twelve (12) credit hours are required for completion of this Certificate program. The certificate should be completed within two years. This Certificate is offered online.

For full details on this certificate including courses, the application process and contact information see our COPH catalog pages.