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The University of South Florida’s Occupational Medicine Residency research training program places an emphasis on the acquisition of fundamental research knowledge and skills to develop a sound research protocol, conduct analyses on collected data, and draft a publishable thesis or research project, which is a requirement for graduation with the MSPH or MPH degree respectively. Research opportunities are diverse and available through interdisciplinary collaboration among OM residents and other Sunshine ERC departments including Safety or Industrial Hygiene, participating institutions and the community. Residents have the opportunity to present their research and showcase their work in many places including ACOEM AOHC conference, NORA Research Symposium, Southeast Regional Research Symposium and USF Health Research Day.

The experience includes resident participation in a weekly research seminar, which lasts about one hour during which the status of each ongoing research project is reviewed, obstacles and aberrant results are discussed, and basic research topics are reviewed. By the end of their training, residents will have gained sufficient critical thinking skills, acquired through research training, to utilize scholarly approaches to offer solutions to complex clinical and workplace challenges.

Recent Resident Research

Dr. Kamal Patel: Successful Reduction in Blood-borne Pathogens Exposure Rate
Dr. Kourtni Starkey: Sharps Injuries in Medical Training: A Follow-Up Study

Dr. Dwayne Wilson: Ability of Physiological Strain Index to Discriminate Between Sustainable and Unsustainable Heat Stress

Dr. Ronald Figuredo: Back Muscle Endurance as Measure by ITO Test

Dr. Brandon Dawkins: Risk Factors associated with the non-compliance with the respiratory program among firefighters

Dr. Christopher Lee: Critical Heat Stress Evaluation In Two Ebola Ensembles

Dr. Theodore Aquino: Comparison of Urinary PAHs among Firefighters and Asphalt Pavers

Dr. Theodore Aquino: Radicalized Health Care Workers and the Risk of Ebola as a Bioterror Weapon

Dr. Pratiksha Vaghela: A Socio-ecological Model of Affordable Care Act Acceptance

Dr. Khin Chit: The Association between the symptom severity of musculoskeletal disorders and types of treatment taken by the works at the auto plants

Dr. Theodore Aquino: Influenza Outbreak in Vaccinated Population – USS Ardent, February 2014

Dr. Pratiksha Vaghela: Stop Poking Me – Aim to Reduce Needlestick Injuries among the Employees at James A. Haley VA Hospital by 10% by the end of fiscal year 2015-2016

Dr. Seth Parrish: Evaluation of the Interest in Development and Availability of the Resting Metabolic Rate Test as a Routine Healthcare Standard

Dr. Vikas Jindal: Hospitalizations and Costs associated with Firearm-Related Violence and Injuries (FREVI) in the United States

Dr. Delphine Fontcha: Trends and Costs of Industry-related Injuries in the United States [1998-2009]

Dr. Humberto Olivero: Quantifying the Ergonomic Impact on Healthcare Workers Using A needle-less Jet Injector

Dr. Ediberto Garcia: Evaluation of asbestos exposure associated with research laboratories