Maternal & Child Health


Planning Committee

The MCH Center of Excellence are guided by a planning committee consisting of faculty in the USF College of Public Health, as well as a family representative consultant

Cheryl A. Vamos

Cheryl Vamos, PhD, MPH

Program Director
Associate Professor
Fellow, Chiles Center for Women, Children and Families

Dr. Vamos is an Associate Professor and a Fellow with the Chiles Center for Women, Children and Families. She is also a Core Faculty member of the Collaborative for Research Understanding Sexual Health (CRUSH). Current research, and research interests, involve exploring the following inter-related methods, themes and lines of inquiry: transdisciplinary approaches to improving women’s health; research on oral-systemic women’s health across the lifespan (i.e. oral health and pregnancy; oral health and chronic diseases); dissemination and implementation science (i.e. research focused on narrowing the divide between the translation of women’s oral-systemic research to practice); and team science. Past research has involved behavioral and psychosocial health issues in the areas of reproductive cancers, HPV in women and men, patterns of contraception use, chronic diseases in marginalized female populations, state- and county-level needs assessments of women’s health, and family planning policy.

William Sappenfield

Bill Sappenfield, MD, MPH, CPH 

Director, Chiles Center

Dr. Sappenfield teaches on maternal and child health, epidemiology, and public health practice. His current research projects include: maternal and infant mortality, chronic diseases during pregnancy, assistive reproductive technology, unintended pregnancy and contraceptive use, non-medically indicated deliveries prior to 39 weeks, population-based perinatal quality improvement efforts, access to childhood preventive dental care, and use of data file linkages in maternal and child health.

Jaime Corvin

Jamie Corvin, PhD

Associate Professor
Director of MPH Programs

Dr. Jaime Corvin is an Associate Professor. Trained in community and family health and social and behavioral sciences, Dr. Corvin's areas of research include global maternal and child health issues, global health disparities, disaster management, humanitarian assistance, organizational culture, and organizational collaboration.

Ellen M. Daley

Ellen Daley, PhD

Associate Dean of Research and Practice

Dr. Daley's teaching and research interests are in women's health, reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections (specifically Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection), adolescents and health risk-taking behaviors. Dr. Daley is a Core Faculty Member of CRUSH, the Collaborative for Research in Understanding Sexual Health. In addition to her research interests, Dr. Daley teaches various graduate level courses in women's health, reproductive health population and community health, and directs an undergraduate course on women's health. Dr. Daley also serves as the Certificate Program Director for the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Women's Health.

Russell Kirby

Russell Kirby, PhD, MS

USF Distinguished Professor and Marrell Endowed Chair

Dr. Kirby serves as principal investigator on several contracts through the Florida Department of Public Health for birth defects surveillance and prevention, and also has a contract for a pilot project assessing the feasibility for a study of the association between perinatal ultrasound and autistic spectrum disorders.


Abraham Salinas-Miranda

Abraham A. Salinas-Miranda, MD, MPH, PhD

Center Of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health Associate Director

Dr. Salinas-Miranda is a clinician and public health professional with advanced studies in maternal and child health. His clinical credentials include an MD degree from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, Managua (Nicaragua, 2003), with partial residency training in Pediatrics/Pediatric Surgery (2004-2005). His international medical graduate education was certified by the Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates in March 2016. Salinas' clinical passion is child development. He is a certified Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist (ITDS) by the Florida Department of Health (2009), with more than 4 years of experience with early intervention programs in Tampa Bay.

His public health credentials include a Master of Public Health with Maternal and Child Health Concentration from the University of South Florida (Fulbright Scholar Award 2005-2007). He received his Ph.D. in Community and Family Health, from the University of South Florida in 2013. His dissertation tested a structural equation model of social determinants of perinatal health in the context of two county-wide Healthy Start programs. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology from the University of South Florida (2010) and has significant research experience with MCH Epidemiology research projects (Research Associate, Dept. Epidemiology and Biostatistics, USF 2010-2013). After his PhD, he conducted one year of community-based participatory research with MCH populations (partnership with Federal Healthy Start/REACH Inc).

In 2014, he became a Fully Elected Member of the American College of Epidemiologists (credential-based distinction) and an inducted member to the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health. Currently, he continues to apply both quantitative and qualitative research methods and embraces the life course perspective in his studies. He also continues to be involved in public health practice by providing technical assistance to MCH Title V and other MCH-related programs locally, regionally, and nationally. His research studies and publications have focused on multiple aspects of community and family health (maternal-child health focus) including adverse childhood experiences, community-based participatory research, racial/disparities in maternal and child health, family centered care, pre-conceptual care, care of the newborn, the training of medical and public health providers, and youth violence prevention.

Program Coordinator

Angela Makris is the program coordinator for the Center of Excellence in MCH Education, Practice, and Science. She is a PhD student in Public Health at the University of South Florida. Her main interests is in public health disparities for people with disabilities.