Global Health Student Association

Ricardo Izurieta, MD, Dr.PH, MPH

Ricardo Izurieta, MD, Dr.PH, MPH

GHSA Advisor
Assistant Professor


Public Health has become a global discipline and public health professionals must understand and be prepared to address health issues and their determinants that span geopolitical boundaries. We all live on this small planet together and it is in our best interest to use an ecological approach to protect and nurture and human and physical resources available. The Global Health Student Association provides wonderful opportunity for students to expand their educational experience into the international arena through a variety of activities and learning experiences. I encourage you to become involved and make a difference in the world.


To serve as a forum for the College of Public Health students with an interest in Global Health, to provide opportunities for interaction with each other, the faculty and staff and to educate and increase awareness of public health issues and projects within the U.S. and abroad.

GHSA is open to all USF students interested in any aspect of global health. There is no membership fee. To become a member, please click here.

General Meeting Times

During the academic year, the general meetings are held the third Thursday of every month from 4:30PM-6PM (with some exceptions due to scheduling). All meetings are held at the College of Public Health. Refreshments are served!