USF Genomics


John Adams, Ph.D. Functional Genomics of Malaria Parasites  

Amy Alman, Ph.D. Epidemiology of the oral-systemic connection in cardiovascular disease and diabetes  

Mya Breitbart, Ph.D. Viral Discovery using Metagenomics; DNA Barcoding of Marine Organisms from Bacterial to Vertebrates  

Charles Chalfant, Ph.D. Splicomics and Lipidomics approaches in cancer biology and translational medicine  

Feng Cheng, Ph.D. Computer Aided Drug Discovery and Development  

Liwang Cui, Ph.D. Functional genomics to understand drug resistance and sexual development of malaria parasites  

Larry Dishaw, Ph.D. Immunological mechanisms of the gut microbiome  

Maureen Groer, Ph.D., MSN Microbiome studies of very low weight infants  

Thao Ho, D.O. Anemia and intestinal health in very low birth weight infants

Rays Jiang, Ph.D. Computational and Integrative biology approach to genomics  

Nataša Jonoska, Ph.D. Mathematical models for DNA-DNA and RNA-DNA interactions  

Kami Kim, M.D. Pathogenesis of toxoplasmosis and malaria  

Stephen Liggett, M.D. Genomics approach to drug discovery and personalized medicine  

Xiaoming Liu, Ph.D. Computational Human Genomics  

Lynn Martin, Ph.D. Ecoimmunology and Disease Ecology  

Thomas McDonald, M.D. Functional Genomics in Cardiovascular Disease  

Christina Richards, Ph.D. Ecological Genomics and Epigenetics

Kathleen Scott, Ph.D. Comparative genomics of autotrophic organisms  

Lindsey Shaw, Ph.D. Genomics approach to bacterial pathogenesis and antibacterial drug discovery

Xingmin Sun, Ph.D. Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease  

Monica Uddin, Ph.D. Genomics of social adversity and stress-related mental disorders  

Thomas Unnasch, Ph.D. Disease control and elimination of vector-borne pathogens  

Arjan van der Vaart, Ph.D. Computational Biophysical Chemistry  

Derek Wildman, Ph.D. Evolutionary Genomics of Human Health and Disease  

Lee Woodcock, Ph.D. Computational Chemistry/Biophysical Chemistry

John Adams

Immunological characterization of the Plasmodium vivax Duffy Binding Protein (PI)NIH/NIAID/R01AI064478

Chemogenomic Profiling of Plasmodium Falciparum Drug Responses and Resistance (PI) NIH/NIAID/R01AI117017

Discovering the essential genome of Plasmodium Falciparum (PI)NIH/NIAID/R01AI130171

Structural vaccinology and design of novel immunogens for malaria vaccine development (Co-investigator)NIH/NIAID/R01AI137162

B cell epitope mapping of viral and parasitic antigens (Co-investigator)Washington University/NIAID/HHSN272201400018C

cell Passively Regulated Cryogenic (PaRC) Vial System for Vaccine Distribution (Co-investigator)Mainstream Engineering Corp/US Army/W81XWH-18-C-0075

Amy Alman

The Oral Microbiome in Type 1 Diabetes and Sub-Clinical Cardiovascular Disease (PI) NIDRC/NIH/R01DE026480

Mya Brietbart

Coastal SEES Collaborative Research: Integration of human behavior and perception into a risk-based microbial water quality management approach (PI) NSF/OCE/1566562

EAGER: Iron-Virus Interactions in the Ocean (Co-investigator) NSF/OCE/1722761

Deciphering the ecology of aquatic single-stranded DNA phages (Microviridae/Gokushovirinae) (PI) ENSF/DEB/1555854

Role of Phages in Structuring Bacterial Communities: Ciona Intestinalis as a Model Organism (Co-investigator) NSF/IOS1456301

Charles Chalfant

The Roles of Ceramide and its Derivatives in A. Phagocytophilum Pathogenesis (PI) Virginia Commonwealth University/NICHD/NIH

The Functional Role of the cPLA2alpha/C1P Interaction in Sepsis Resolution (PI) NHLBI/NIH/R01HL125353

The Utilization of Photonics Technology to Rapidly Detect Bioactive Lipids Associated with Preeclampsia Development (MPI) Virginia Commonwealth University/NICHD/NIH/U01HD087198

Feng Cheng

System Analysis of Potential Drug Interactions in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease From the FDA Reporting System, Electronic Health Records and Protein Interaction Networks (PI) Florida Department of Health/7AZ23

Identification of Drug-disease interaction in AD patients from GAAIN (PI) Alzheimer's Association/GEENA-Q-19-596192

Systematic discovery of drug interaction mechanisms from Medline (PI) University of South Florida Proposal Enhancement Grant

The Oral Microbiome in Type 1 Diabetes and Sub-Clinical Cardiovascular Disease (Co-Investigator) NIDRC/NIH/R01DE026480

Liwang Cui

Southeast Asia Malaria Research Center (PI) NIAID/NIH/U19AI089672

Molecular Mechanisms of Artemisinin Resistance (PI) NIAID/NIH/R01AI128940

Larry Dishaw

Role of Phages in Structuring Bacterial Communities: Ciona Intestinalis as a Model Organism (PI) NSF/IOS1456301

Investigations of an Invertebrate Secreted Immune Effector that Influences Microbial Communities of the Gut (PI) NSF/MCB1817308

The Microbiome and Metatranscriptome in Chronic Rhinosinusitis (PI) All Children's Research Institute

The Gut Microbiota of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PI) All Children's Research Institute

Maureen Groer

The Premature Infant Microbiome: Biological, Behavioral and Health Outcomes at 2 and 4 Years of Age (PI) NIH/NINR/R01NR015446

Chronic Toxoplasma Gondii, Pregnancy Reactivation, and Perinatal Depression (PI)NICHD/NIH/R01HD086805

Fatigue and the Gut Microbiome of Patients Receiving Chemoradiotherapy for Rectal Cancer (PI) NINR/NIH/F32NR016618

Characteristics of Stool and Skin Breakdown in Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (PI) Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jonas Scholar Program 2018-2020 (PI) Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence

Thao “Tina” Ho

Intestinal Microbiota Development in Relation to Nutritional Status in Preterm Infants.  Carle Illinois Collaborative Research Seed Proposal Program

The Effect of Packed Red Blood Cell Transfusions on Intestinal Inflammation in Very Low Birth Weight Infants.  The Gerber Foundation  

Rays Jiang

Targeting Mutant KRas for Cancer Therapy (Co-investigator) NIH/NCI/R35CA1977313D

3D Microfluidic Human Liver Models for Malaria Drugs (Co-investigator) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation/OPP1023601

Nataša Jonoska

Collaborative Research: Discrete and Topological Models for Template-Guided Genome Rearrangements (PI) NSF/DMS1800443

NSF-Simons Research Center: Southeast Center for Mathematics (Co-investigator) Georgia Institute of Technology/NSF/594594

AF: Small:Collaborative Research: Programmed Cyclic Molecular Dancing on 2D Origami Lattices (PI) NSF/CCF1526485

Kami Kim

Composition and Formation of the Cyst Wall (PI) Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Stephen Liggett

Molecular Properties of B-Adrenergic Receptors in Asthma (PI) NIH/NHLBI/R01HL045967

Novel Molecular Mechanisms Promote GPCR-Induced Bronchodilation in Asthma, Project 2 Airway Smooth Muscle Bitter Taste Receptors as Targets for Novel Bronchodilators (PI)  Rutgers University/NIH/NHLBI/5P01HL114471-05

Effects of Rare Genetic Variants and Ancestry on Beta Agonist Response in Asthma and COPD (PI) Wake Forest University/NIH/NHLBI/1R01HL142992-01A1

Xiaoming Liu

Accurately inferring demographic histories of human populations using large whole genome sequence data (PI) NHGRI/NIH/R01HG009524

Lynn Martin

Stress hormone effects on disease resistance, tolerance and transmission (PI) NSF/IOS1257773 

Collaborative Research: Constraints of biomass on innate immunity across terrestrial mammals (PI) NSF/IOS1656618

Thomas McDonald

Large-scale functional phenotyping of ion channel arrhythmia genomic variants (PI) NHLBI/NIH/R33HL12078

Christina Richards

Collaborative Research: Effects of Genetic Diversity, Epigentic Change and Root-associated Fungal Colonization on Trait variation in the Foundation Plant Spartina Alterniflora (PI) NSF/1556820

Multi-Trait Plasticity in Response to a Changing Climate (PI) Australian Research Council

Genomics and epigenetics of plant invasion (PI) Make Our Planet Great Again - German Research Initiative

The tumor-host evolutionary arms race (co-investigator) Supplement to Parent Grant: Cancer as a Complex Adaptive System U54CA193489

Kathleen Scott

Collaborative Research: Environmental and Internal Influences on the Activities of the Calvin-and Reductive Citric Acid Cycles in Hydrothermal Vent Symbiosis Riftia Pachyptila (PI) NSF/IOS1257532

UNS: A Novel Algal-Bacterial Shortcut Nitrogen Removal Process for Wastewater Treatment (Co-investigator) NSF/IOS1511439

Lindsey Shaw

Determining the Influence of the Delta-Subunit on Bacterial RNA Polymerase (PI) NIAID/NIH/R21AI130707

The Role and Regulation of Extracellular Proteases in Staphylococcus aureus (PI) NIAID/NIH/R01AI14458

PepSAVI-MS for Discovery of Novel Botanical Antimicrobial Peptides (PI) NIH/R01GM125814

Xingmin Sun

Multivalent Vaccines Against Clostridium Difficile Infection (PI) NIAID/NIH/R01AI132711

The Role of Tumor Progression Locus 2 (TPL2) in the Pathogenesis of Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI) (PI) NIDDK/NIH/R03DK112004

Monica Uddin

The impact of traumatic stress on the methylome: implications for PTSD (MPI) Emory University/NIMH/NIH/R01MH108826

Epigenomic Predictors of PTSD and Traumatic Stress in an African American Cohort (PI)NIMHD/NIH/R01MD011728

Transgenerational Epigenomics of Trauma and PTSD in Rwanda (MPI) University of Rwanda/NIMH/NIH/U01MH115485

Epigenetic Mechanisms of T Cell Disregulation in PTSD (Co-investigator) University of South Carolina/NIAID/NIH/R01AI129788

Thomas Unnasch

Community-Directed Vector Control to Enhance Mass Drug Administration for Onchocerciasis Elimination in Africa (PI) NIH/NIAID/R01AI123245

Southeastern Regional CoE in Vector-Borne Diseases: The Gateway Program (Co-investigator) University of Florida/CDC/U01CK000510

Development of a Tool Kit for Human Fillarial Transfection (PI) NIAID/NIH/R21AI135172

Onchocerciasis Elimination Program (PI) The Carter Center, Inc.

Laboratory strengthening through technical support and training (PI) The Task Force for Global Health/USAID/NTD-USAID

Arjan van der Vaart

Collaborative research: Role of DNA sequence and deformability on lesion recognition and excision in the base excision repair pathway (PI) NSF/MCB1919096

Derek Wildman

Epigenomic Predictors of PTSD and Traumatic Stress in an African American Cohort (MPI) NIMHD/NIH/R01MD011728

Transgenerational Epigenomics of Trauma and PTSD in Rwanda (MPI) University of Rwanda/NIMH/NIH/U01MH115485

Lee Woodcock

Design and Application of Robust and Efficient QM/MM Free Energy Simulation Methods for Biomolecular Systems NIH/NIGMSR01GM129519