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Jay Wolfson, Dr.P.H., J.D.
Jay Wolfson, Dr.P.H., J.D.


Jay Wolfson is the Distinguished Service Professor of Public Health and Medicine and the Associate Vice President for Health Law, Policy and Safety at the University of South Florida in Tampa. He is a leader in Florida's attempt to develop an electronic health network and a member of the governing board of the Health Professions Education Consortium of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. He directs the federally designated Suncoast Center for Patient Safety at USF and is co-director of the Consortium for Law and Medicine for USF and Stetson College of Law. Dr. Wolfson became nationally known while serving as guardian ad litem for Terry Schiavo, reporting to the governor and courts. He holds a doctorate in public health from the University of Texas, a law degree from Stetson, a master's degree in public health from Indiana University, a master's degree in history from New York University and a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Illinois. He was a Senior Fulbright Scholar at the University of Tokyo Medical School, a Faculty Scholar to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a W.K. Kellogg Fellow in health care finance.


The Florida Health Information Center (FHIC) mission is to conduct public health and health-related research for dissemination to all sectors of the population of the State of Florida: health care consumers, care givers, health care providers, health services professionals, legislative bodies and the faculty, students and staff at the University of South Florida and other colleges and universities, as well as to public health, health care, and health policy researchers and workers in the public and private sectors.


  • Improve the health of Florida's citizens
  • Provide current and reliable information about topics in public health, health care, and health policy
  • Provide links to other reliable health information resources in the College of Public Health, the University of South Florida, the State of Florida, Federal government and private agencies and organizations
  • Constantly update health information and linkages, while critically evaluating them for reliability

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