Finance and Operations


The COPH Finance and Operations team works closely with our faculty and staff to aid in the process of purchasing goods and services. As part of the day to day operations of the Administrative Support team, we offer the following services to the College of Public Health community:

  • Expertise & assistance in reviewing USF and State of Florida purchasing guidelines
  • Managing the USF purchase order process
  • Entry of purchase orders into FAST
  • Receipt of goods & services in FAST
  • Working with vendors on the purchasing process
  • Working with USF Accounts Payable and vendors to resolve payment issues

The goal of the Finance and Operations team is to review and process requests to purchase goods or services within 24 hours of receipt by COPH administrative staff. For purchases that are of significant dollar values and/or raise questions related to allowability or allocability on a grant account, additional time may be needed to review and process the request.