Finance and Operations


The College of Public Health coordinates property management within our Finance and Operations team.

The College of Public Health tracks its inventory annually. All property and/or equipment valued at over $5,000 must be tagged by property and tracked at all times until the merchandise is formally removed from the University's property list. With approval in advance, equipment such as computers or lap-tops may be taken off-campus.

For assistance with completion of property forms, please contact Faye Maciaszek by e-mail or directly at 974-7683


The College of Public Health also coordinates telecommunications services within our Administrative Support Services team.

For assistance with completion of telecommunications requests such as international access codes, activation of telephone or data jacks, or transfer of phone lines, please contact Michael Haywood by e-mail or directly at 974-6613.


I don't want my old computer any more; how do I get rid of it?

Contact Faye Maciaszek (813) 974-7683 and give her the decal number and location of the computer. We will list the property on the USF list serve site according to USF rules and regulations. If no one wants the computer, paperwork will be completed to get the property released from the inventory list, the computer will be salvaged by the appropriate means.

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