Finance and Operations

PCard Reference Material


PCards are for USF Faculty and Staff to purchase allowable items and/or travel for official University business. PCards cannot be issued to students. The issuance of a PCard to an OPS faculty or staff member requires specific approval from both the Dean of the College as well as the USF PCard office. If an OPS employee wishes to obtain a PCard, submit a Request for PCard Participation form found on the PCard forms link to Faye Maciaszek.
Purchasing has determined a need to enhance PCard holder training. As such they are instituting in person classroom training for all prospective cardholders. Signup for the training is available through GEMS self-serve (FST108 PCARD HOLDER TRAINING) and will be offered on a twice monthly basis on the Tampa campus. Completion of this training will be required of all persons who wish to become PCard holders for the first time and will replace the online certification training that prospective cardholders have taken in the past. Purchasing will require all cardholders whose accounts are being renewed to attend this training as well.
Contact the merchant and request a duplicate. Remember, receipts are required for monthly reconciliation. PCard privileges can be suspended or revoked if receipts are not available.
The PCard holder must complete the USF PCard Limit Change Form (found under Forms above). Please include as much specific information as possible under the justification, including as much detail about the proposed expenditure amounts as possible. Submit the form to Faye Maciaszek where it will be routed for signatures. Most requests can be processed within 24 hours (or less), but you are encouraged to make any change requests as soon as you know you will need one.