ETA Sigma Gamma

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Eta Sigma Gamma is the National Professional Health Honorary Society

The primary purpose of Eta Sigma Gamma is to enhance the professional competence and dedication of individual members to the profession of health education. The University of South Florida Chapter is open to graduate within the Department of Community and Family Health who have a health education focus and meet the eligibility criteria. Also for undergraduate students who have an interest in health education.

The Eta Sigma Gamma insignia reflects the ideals of teaching, service and research. The lamp of learning utilized in installation/initiation ceremonies represents the unifying element of the three ideals.



Contact Melissa Miller, at, for more information on upcoming meetings or add Eta Sigma Gamma on USF Bullsync.

Regular meetings are scheduled as per member availability. If you are interested in ESG you may wish to review the ESG Bylaws Delta Kappa (pdf).

Our Chapter's Goal

The University of South Florida Delta Kappa Chapter is open to graduate students within the Department of Community and Family Health who have a health education focus and meet the eligibility criteria. Our chapter is dedicated to fulfill the objectives of the organization by:

  1. Disseminating knowledge through a variety of scholarly pursuits, such as publishing in the ESG student monograph, participating in poster sessions and/or lectures locally and nationally, and taking part in research week within the College of Public Health.
  2. Recognizing academic achievement via member eligibility for ESG national awards and scholarships.
  3. Supporting professional standards and ethics through active membership in this health education honorary
  4. Providing opportunities for health education students and professional health educators to share information, ideas, and resources with each other through networking occasions and guest speakers.
  5. Providing opportunities for members to attend national meetings and the annual advocacy summit.
  6. Promoting health education as a discipline through continuous advocacy for the profession itself. 

Who Can Be Eligible

To be eligible for initiation into the chapter, collegiate honorary members must:

  1. Officially be admitted as a graduate student in the Department of Community and Family Health (MPH Health Education student, MSPH, or PhD student with a health education focus).
  2. Have completed at least 6 graduate credits from within the Health Education concentration area, and have earned an overall grade point average of 3.5 or higher.
  3. To remain eligible as a member once elected, students must maintain an overall graduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  4. Please fill out the ESGMembershipApplication.pdf to be considered. 

Delta Kappa Officers

President: Melissa Miller
Vice President: Eden Cunningham 
Secretary: Virginia Liddell
Treasurer: Taylor Grimm 
Historian: Shaquira Robinson

Benefits to Members

Each member, upon initiation, receives a certificate of membership and the official jewelry of the honorary. In addition, membership includes a subscription to The Health Educator and The Eta Sigma Gamma Monograph.

In 1982, Eta Sigma Gamma began publishing a mongraph series addressing topics of broad interest and appeal to health educators. Since 1984, the Spring Monograph has been dedicated to publishing papers written by student members of the Honorary.

2011 ESG Monograph Call for Papers (pdf)

Initiation Fee: $40.00
Local Dues: $15.00

Interested applicants should contact Faculty Advisor for our chapter Dr. Anna Torrens Armstrong at the College of Public Health by e-mail: