Sunshine Education & Research Center


About the Sunshine ERC

The Sunshine Education and Research Center at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa, Florida was begun in 1997 to focus on interdisciplinary training of occupational safety and health professionals, training in evidence-based practice and research, continuing education and outreach. It is located in the College of Public Health and offers programs collaboratively with the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, and Arts and Sciences. The center is recognized as a state and regional resource in occupational safety and health. We are dedicated to training professionals on how to treat and prevent occupational illnesses, why illnesses occur in the workplace, and how to make the workplace a safer environment. We are organized around center-wide activities, interdisciplinary training, academic programs, outreach, and research training. We focus on providing training that reflects on the needs of the key industries in Florida and the emerging issues of the region and the nation. The Sunshine ERC has strong institutional support and qualified, well respected faculty to direct the programs.

The Sunshine ERC offers training programs in Occupational Exposure Science (formerly called Industrial Hygiene), Health Safety & Environment, Occupational Health Nursing, Occupational Health Psychology, Occupational Safety Management, and Occupational Medicine Residency. Continuing Education provides training and workforce development for practicing professionals. In addition our Pilot Project Research Training Program and Targeted Research Training foster research in occupational health, safety and wellness, hospitality, and disaster recovery.

The strategic initiatives of the Sunshine ERC are:

  1. Training the current and next generation of OSH providers and leaders,
  2. Developing and promoting Interdisciplinary activities to help ensure interaction among professional disciplines
  3. Enhancing involvement of our training programs throughout the region and country to build outreach and collaboration.
  4. Recruit a highly qualified strong and diverse student body.

Our Vision:

The Sunshine Education and Research Center leads the way to novel occupational health, safety and wellness training, scholarship, and practice.

Our Mission:

The Sunshine Education and Research Center transforms workplace quality of life through transdisciplinary education, research and practice, and industry partnerships.