Sunshine Education & Research Center


Training Programs

Academic Training Programs are offered by the Sunshine ERC through the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health. The Academic Programs include:

In addition to the academic training provided, the Sunshine ERC also has programs in: Hazardous Substances Training, Continuing Education and Outreach, and the Pilot Research Projects. Each of these programs is briefly described below:

Hazardous Substances Training/Continuing Education and Outreach

The Sunshine ERC plays a strong role in the education of professionals in the areas of Environmental and Occupational Health. This education takes place through graduate studies and continuing education courses for working professionals. The Center is also committed to advancing occupational health knowledge among Occupational Medicine Physicians, Occupational Health Nurses, Industrial Hygienists, Safety Managers, Hazardous Substances Workers and other professionals related to these fields. Short term training programs are offered through the Sunshine ERC at a low cost, to serve the continuing education needs of the professionals in the fields identified above. To learn what courses are offered and to register for one of these courses, please visit the following web site:

If you have questions or suggestions about the continuing education programs offered, please contact: Cathy Silva: (813) 974-0989 or

Pilot Research Projects

The NIOSH funded Sunshine Education and Research Center at the University of South Florida provides grant funding to support pilot research projects in Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health each year. The Sunshine ERC Pilot Research Project Grant program is designed to promote partnerships with other institutions and groups in Florida and the region and to encourage research in occupational safety and health areas that are important to the region. The Pilot Research Project Grant program is intended to act as seed money for preliminary studies in support of larger research grant applications. Grants are intended for masters and doctoral level graduate students, junior faculty, and senior faculty who are performing research in a new area.

Each grant is a one-time award. The application and other necessary forms are available through Yehia Hammad at (813) 974-6625 or by email: