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Culture and health are tightly intertwined in every society. In this course students will experience the ways in which culture and health relate and influence each other in India through a visit to Manipal, a university town in the state of Karnataka.


Travel occurs May 6-16, 2018.

Approximate cost per student: $3,471 - $3,800 per student. (Final cost depends on the number of students enrolled)

Program cost includes:

  • Flights from Tampa to India
  • Lodging
  • Meals (breakfast, most lunches)
  • Transportation to academic visits
  • Group Farewell Dinner program

Estimated Additional Expenses not included in the program cost  

Program cost does not include:

  • Tuition and fees for the course
  • Meals not included in the program (approximately 100 USD)
  • Local transportation (25 USD)
  • Personal expenses including toiletries and laundry (50 USD)
  • Any additional funds for personal use    

Important Note: It is required that a minimum number of students are enrolled in the program in order to avoid program cancellation. Specific due dates and other payment details will be announced on due time.

USF requires that program participants purchase emergency medical and evacuation insurance valid for the dates of the program. The insurance is provided by UHCG. Please note that the USF insurance does not include travel insurance, which includes things like: trip cancellation coverage, theft of luggage, additional costs due to delays in travel time, pre-existing conditions, or on-going medical treatment. Those who plan to travel independently, either in advance of the program or after the program ends, must ensure that they have insurance coverage valid outside the U.S. If not provided through your domestic health insurance carrier, this can be purchased separately through UHCG or through another agency.
Many sources of funding can be found in the on the USF Education Abroad page here.  Students who are eligible for loans and grants to take classes at USF may be able to use their assistance to study abroad. Contact the USF Office of Financial Aid (813) 974-4700 for further information.  Note that it is the student's responsibility to meet program payment deadlines regardless of financial aid disbursement timeframe.
Student safety and well-being are paramount to USF. Because of the added stresses associated with operating in a foreign culture and language, even the safest foreign locations are likely to carry more risk to your safety and health. For this reason it is vital that you learn as much about the places you will be traveling to; the more you are familiar with the host country's geography, culture and language, the safer you will be. All participants will be required to attend program-specific orientation and sessions. In addition to these sessions, the COPH Office of International Programs will provide other important safety information prior to and during the program via a mandatory pre-departure orientation on Canvas.  You are required to read and understand the country specific information found on the US Department of State, India page here.   
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