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Safe Haven Veterinary Hospital Earns First Sunshine State

10/08/2010 05:46 pm

(October 6, 2010)--Safe Haven Veterinary Hospital of Palm Coast recently received a Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award for its exemplary workplace safety and health management system. This is the business's first Sunshine State award.

Hospital administrator Lynn Willliams learned about OSHA's on-site consultation program during an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) conference she attended last year. Safe Haven is the only accredited AAHA facility in Flagler County.


After attending the conference and a breakout session on safety, Williams decided to take the hospital's then-current safety program a step further and researched Florida's on-site consultation program online. Williams then scheduled the hospital’s first comprehensive safety and health visit last fall with USF SafetyFlorida consultant Ned Fayson.

Williams was already familiar with OSHA "on the human side" as a result of her previous work at a physician's office. She also knew that safety and health principles were just as important in the veterinary profession as they were in dealing with people at a medical office or healthcare facility. Everyday hazards such as bloodborne pathogens; slips, trips and falls; and chemical exposures put employees at risk.

Williams and the hospital's 15 other employees welcomed the consultation process and found it valuable. The hospital's safety and health management system was well-established yet had overlooked items such as having an emergency action plan and including daily-used items like Clorox on its MSDS. These suggestions from Fayson enhanced its workplace safety even more.

Safe Haven is proud of its work environment and its mission--to provide "the best care in the best environment." Clients are encouraged to tour the facility, and it's not uncommon for Williams to hear a, "Gosh, you're cleaner than our doctor's office" comment now and then. Williams says that kind of client feedback "makes you feel good about your facility." The Sunshine State flag is proudly on display in the hospital, and Williams says it generates a lot of comments from customers. "(USF SafetyFlorida) is a fantastic program. Ned is great, and I enjoy working with him. I tell everyone about the program and what it can do for a business."