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Chapman Partnership

06/11/2012 06:14 pm

Chapman Partnership recently received a Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award from USF SafetyFlorida. The homeless shelter has two locations, one in downtown Miami and another in Homestead, and houses a total of 756 residents, with the goal of returning them to a life of self-sufficiency.

The hazards associated with operating two large homeless shelters can be daunting. From slips, trips and falls and lacerations in the kitchen to exposure to bloodborne pathogens, management must take great care to ensure the safety of its 165 employees. Chapman Partnership was able to successfully accomplish this through its workplace safety and health management system and through frequent workplace inspections and regular employee participation.

USF SafetyFlorida’s Jessica Bohan has consulted with Chapman Partnership for the past six years. “Chapman Partnership demonstrates an on-going commitment to their employees by providing a safe and healthful work environment. 


Members of Chapman Partnership hold the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award it received in June from USF SafetyFlorida. The homeless shelter operates two facilities in the Miami area and houses 756 residents.

Each and every employee is valued and has a role in their safety program. They continue to work diligently everyday to maintain a workplace free from hazards to keep both their employees and their residents safe.”

USF SafetyFlorida gives its Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award to Florida small businesses that demonstrate a commitment to exemplary workplace safety and health efforts. To earn the award companies must receive an on-site consultation; correct any hazards, if found; and involve employees in the company’s safety and health efforts. To learn more about USF SafetyFlorida and the importance of workplace safety and health, visit