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Can Safety Consultation Boost Your Your Bottom Line

"They are a model small business that proved that with employees and management teaming together to address safety issues, they could turn the work environment around 100 percent."

From the Jacksonville Business Journal

The safety and health consultation programs in each state are completely separate from the OSHA inspection effort. So, no citations are issued or penalties proposed if a consultant finds safety or health issues at the job site. In Florida, the program, called USF SafetyFlorida, is administered by the University of South Florida's College of Public Health.

USF SafetyFlorida consultant Ned Fayson said the program helps business owners, managers and employees work together to create a safe working environment. Consultants assess all equipment and environmental hazards, as well as physical work practices. They then update the company's job safety and health program, or even create one if the company doesn't have one.