Gravens Conference


National Perinatal Foundation / Gravens Affordability Scholarship

To help broaden participation at The Gravens Conference, the Chiles Center at the University of South Florida is offering a limited number of affordability scholarships to clinicians and allied healthcare workers who have a compelling need and lack adequate funding or sufficient employer support to otherwise attend.  The scholarships are funded by the generous donation from the National Perinatal Foundation to the USF Foundation. The overarching goal of the donation is to improve the health outcomes of mothers and babies.  The scholarship is limited to US applicants.
Conference management believes it takes a team to create and sustain change.  See the “Specific Requirements” section below.
The scholarship will cover registration.
Complete the application form, and return to Bobbi Rose, by end of the day on December 4, 2019. You may use the application form, or put all the information into a WORD document. She will confirm that application was received. A Gravens Conference committee will review all completed applications and provide feedback to all by January 17, 2020.

National Perinatal Foundation / Gravens Affordability Scholarship Application Instructions
Specific Requirements:

The applicant MUST be part of a four person team that attends. The full team, or a subset of the team, may apply for support. (This recognizes that physicians may have institutional support available to them, whereas other disciplines may not.)  The team MUST include a physician and a nurse.  The other members can be physicians, nurses, parent representatives, social workers, therapists, etc. One of the team members MUST have an administrative role.

Submit the following information via email to Bobbi Rose at You may attach a WORD document, or put all the information into the body of the email. (WORD document is preferred.)

Applicant Information:
  • Name, degree
  • Email and contact phone
  • Organization, including city and state
  • Job Title
Team member’s information:
  • Name, degree
  • Email and contact phone
  • Job Title
  • Whether or not team member is requesting scholarship
Open ended questions:
  • Why do you (or team) want to attend?
  • How will training be used specifically in your hospital or organization?
  • What is your justification for the need for funding?
  • Why should you be selected?