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Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative

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FPQC Publications

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Balakrishnan M, Falk-Smith N, Detman LA, Miladinovic B, Sappenfield WM, Curran JS, Ashmeade TL. Promoting teamwork may improve infant care processes during delivery room management: Florida perinatal quality collaborative's approach. Journal of perinatology : official journal of the California Perinatal Association. 37(7) : 886-892, 2017.

Sebastião YV, Womack LS, López Castillo H, Balakrishnan M, Bruder K, Alitz P, Detman LA, Bronson EA, Curran JS, Sappenfield WM. Hospital Variations in Unexpected Complications Among Term Newborns. Pediatrics. 139(3) , 2017.

Vamos CA, Thompson EL, Cantor A, Detman LA, Bronson EA, Phelps A, Louis JM, Gregg AR, Curran JS, Sappenfield WM. Contextual factors influencing the implementation of the obstetrics hemorrhage initiative in Florida. J Perinatol 2017 Feb;37(2):150-156.

Vamos CA, Cantor A, Thompson EL, Detman LA, Bronson EA, Phelps A, Louis JM, Gregg AR, Curran JS, Sappenfield WM. The Obstetric Hemorrhage Initiative (OHI) in Florida: The role of intervention characteristics in influencing implementation experiences among multidisciplinary hospital staff. Matern Child Health J. 2016 October, 20(10):2003-11.

Sebastião YV, Womack L, Vamos CA, Louis JM, Olaoye F, Caragan T, Bubu OM, Detman LA, Curran JS, Sappenfield WM. Hospital variation in cesarean delivery rates: contribution of individual and hospital factors in Florida. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2016 Jan;214(1):123.

Womack LS, Sappenfield WM, Clark CL, Hill WC, Yelverton RW, Curran JS, Detman LA, Bettegowda VR. Maternal and Hospital Characteristics of Non-Medically Indicated Deliveries Prior to 39 Weeks. Matern Child Health J. 2014 Oct; 18(8): 1893-904