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Disaster Planning for Obstetrical Services



Why is Disaster Preparedness Important?

During a disaster, hospital obstetrical units experience immediate unique challenges and limited time to plan. It is crucial that hospital maternity teams are well prepared. Our goal is to help hospitals better prepare for response to disasters including:

  • Evacuation: using universal common language on how to quickly triage OB patients for evacuation
  • Shelter in Place: caring for OB patients who may not be able to move-imminent delivery
  • Surge Plan: plans for receiving influx of OB patients from another hospital
  • Active Shooter: how to protect OB patients and staff
  • Pandemic 2020: lessons learned, Group Think, sharing best practices


Training and Resources

FPQC thanks NNPQC, NICHQ and Dr. Daniels for the valuable information in this Toolkit.

Watch: "Disaster Preparedness for OB Units" Webinar Recording

presented by Kay Daniels, MD, Clinical Professor Stanford Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 
September 20, 2020*


Links below are from the recent outstanding disaster preparedness webinar presented by Dr. Daniels. Included are best practices, triage tools, equipment needed and communication forms.