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The Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative was established in 2010 to improve Florida’s maternal and infant health outcomes through the delivery of high quality, evidence-based perinatal care.In order to achieve this goal, the FPQC consists of statewide partnerships with perinatal-related organizations, individuals, health professionals, advocates, policymakers, hospitals and payers (FPQC stakeholders). These stakeholders have been working voluntarily in data-driven, population-based, quality improvement (QI) processes focused on some of the most critical perinatal health issues in Florida. Led by a Steering Committee and a leadership team, the FPQC engages all of its stakeholders to identify the priority perinatal QI issues and to determine which initiatives are appropriate, feasible, engaging, measurable and supportable. The FPQC seeks to create an all-inclusive culture of cooperation and transparency across the specialties of obstetrics, neonatology, pediatrics and all fields engaged in maternal and infant health care by bringing together the specific expertise of physicians, nurses, nurse-midwives and all specialists involved with perinatal-related health care. By promoting this teamwork, information sharing and diversity across disciplines and professions, the FPQC continues to move forward towards achieving its vision of delivering the highest quality of health care outcomes for Florida’s mothers and infants. 


All of Florida’s mothers and infants will have the best health outcomes possible through receiving high quality evidence-based perinatal care.


Advance perinatal health care quality and patient safety for all of Florida’s mothers and infants through the collaboration of all FPQC stakeholders in the development of joint quality improvement initiatives, the advancement of data-driven best practices and the promotion of education and training.

FPQC stakeholders include: Perinatal health-related practitioners from a variety of professions and specialties, statewide organizations, individuals, advocates, educators, policymakers, hospitals and payers as well as involved families.

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  • Every mother and infant deserves the highest quality of health care and safe outcomes possible.
  • This highest quality of perinatal health care can be achieved while reducing costs when the FPQC’s professional stakeholders collaborate voluntarily in continuous, data-driven, value-added, quality improvement processes.
  • Families and patients also play an important role in the improvement of perinatal health care quality and outcomes and should be educated, empowered and supported to become involved. 
  • Perinatal health care practitioners, advocates and payers have the responsibility to provide the necessary education to families and patients for the benefit of their communities.
  • All FPQC initiatives will be appropriate, feasible, engaging, measurable and supportable.
  • The FPQC will be accountable for the transparency, sharing and accuracy of all of its data-driven recommendations.
  • Where designated, the privacy and dignity of FPQC stakeholders will be protected through strict adherence to rigorous confidentiality policies and procedures.



  • Engage perinatal health care stakeholders in the design, implementation and evaluation of data-driven processes for population- and evidence-based, value-added, cost-effective perinatal health care quality improvement efforts that enhance patient safety outcomes.
  • Encourage perinatal health care providers to educate and empower families and patients to become involved for their own well-being as well as for the welfare of their communities.
  • Build and sustain consensus, awareness and support across the state and nation regarding the value and benefits of active engagement with the FPQC in proposing, researching, selecting and launching new quality improvement initiatives.
  • Become a nationally-recognized leader and role model in perinatal health care advancements through our effective evidence-based protocols for a variety of quality improvement processes.
  • Acquire the financial resources necessary for the ongoing development and sustainment of the FPQC.