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College of Public Health

Florida Covering Kids & Families

Florida Covering Kids & Families

Statewide Coalition

As a convener of health outreach and enrollment experts from around Florida, with over a decade of experience working on health coverage eligibility and enrollment issues, the FL-CKF Statewide Coalition possesses a wealth of knowledge and rich referral networks. Comprised of over 40 members with broad representation from various Florida entities, the State Coalition’s greatest asset is its diverse membership. Members of the Statewide Coalition provide support to FL-CKF staff by monitoring statewide and local activities, providing technical support, and distributing educational materials.

General Benefits of Membership: Benefits for organizational, individual, and government entities consist of: 

  • Participation in Coalition sponsored trainings/activities
  • Access to current policies, legislation and research information
  • Ability to highlight state level events/activities impacting children’s health coverage
  • Participation in special meetings of the Coalition
  • Resources for building capacity
  • Best practices for outreach, simplification and coordination
  • Electronic networking communications sharing information by e-mail announcements, newsletters and internet communications. 

Potential members must be nominated by a current member in order to be considered for participation. All membership nominations are reviewed by the Membership & Nominating Committee. If you are interesting in being a part of the FL-CKF Statewide Coalition, please contact one of the current members.