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Florida Covering Kids & Families

CHIPRA II Evaluation

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The evaluation of CHIPRA Cycle II combines quantitative and qualitative approaches to assess the process, impact, and outcome of grant activities to increase enrollment and retention in Florida KidCare. The evaluation will assess grant-supported program activities to increase application outreach, enrollment, and renewal, evaluate the effectiveness of strategies to increase enrollment, and assess lessons learned throughout the duration of the project. 

Local projects will submit applicant information obtained from one-on-one application assistance through a secure web-based portal. Through a partnership with the state of Florida CHIP administrators, enrollment determination information will be provided on applications completed by local projects. This information will be used to demonstrate project effectiveness by calculating enrollment rates over time and by assessing the ratio of accepted-to-denied applications. These numbers will also be compared to project coverage area (i.e., counties) and state data on enrollment. Determination information will also be shared with the local projects to apprise them of their progress and to facilitate communication with and assistance to families whose applications are pending.

Evaluation of grant strategies will include monitoring attendance at outreach events, logging the volume of outreach materials distributed, and assessing pre/post-test knowledge change and session evaluations of Train-the-Trainer workshops. Efforts to develop processes and procedures to identify eligible children through collaboration with the free/reduced-price lunch program and to evaluate the peer-to-peer outreach project will be assessed through key informant interviews. The number of page views of enrollment and retention articles posted to will be tallied to assess diffusion of this information. Applicants at athletic outreach events will be asked how they heard about Florida KidCare in order to gauge the effect of community affairs shows and "teens interviewing teens" messages that will be broadcast in targeted communities.

This evaluation plan will draw a comprehensive picture of the results of CHIPRA II in enrolling and retaining more of Florida's children in Florida KidCare and will yield best practices and lessons learned to be shared with other states working to improve access to health insurance coverage.

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