Florida Covering Kids & Families


Connecting Kids To Coverage (CHIPRA) Cycle III


FL-CKF’s Cycle III project, Connecting Kids To Coverage, maximizes enrollment and retention opportunities that have proven to be effective for assisting uninsured families with applying for health coverage in Florida. Cycle III aims entirely at expanding the accessibility and availability of high quality reliable Medicaid/CHIP enrollment and renewal services in local communities by significantly expanding upon its four most effective targeted strategies:

  • CHIPRA Cycle I and II enrollment/retention community-based best practices 

  • Florida Association of Children’s Hospital (FACH) training 

  • Outreach to individuals who are Limited English Proficient (LEP) 

  • Creative and cost-effective technology tools to enhance application assistors’ knowledge and expertise and simplify renewal and enrollment procedures for families

Cycle III Projects  Key Strategies and Interventions 
Miami Children’s Hospital (Miami-Dade)  Identify families through the hospital’s emergency room that indicate no insurance on hospital intake form to prioritize for application/renewal assistance. Train hospital’s urgent care centers on application/renewal assistance and establish application assistance/renewal systems. 
Lee Memorial Health System (Charlotte /Lee Counties)  Identify families with uninsured children through the hospital’s emergency room, pediatric physicians’ offices, and outpatient programs. Provide application/renewal referral network to Lee County school nurses, athletic directors, counselors and social workers. 
Wolfson Children’s Hospital (Duval, Baker, Clay, St. Johns, and Nassau Counties)  Conduct application/renewal in-reach within the hospital system and community education programs, which includes asthma case management and car seat prevention classes. Target school systems to implement systemic application/renewal networks through the hospital. 
Miami-Dade School District  Work with the Parent Academy to expand the district’s application/renewal process to include Title I Schools, preschools, (22) Primary Learning Centers, and accredited child care centers. 
Broward County  Expand current partnership with Broward County Schools and target 100 preschools to create a system to identify eligible children utilizing data from the Child Care Food Program. 
Tampa Bay: Hillsborough/Pinellas Counties  Expand current partnerships with Hillsborough & Pinellas Counties Schools and district’s application/renewal network by working with the enrollment system of care to adult education programs, Head Start, and VPK programs. 
Santa Rosa/ Escambia/Okaloosa Counties  Coordinate application/renewal referral system of care within 3 school districts and 20 individual schools. Partner with the School Choice offices to ensure Florida KidCare enrollment and retention services are promoted with families receiving school choice option information. 
Seminole/Orange Counties  Expand application/renewal network within the 2 school districts to include (29) charter schools; implement strategies to provide specific information, instruction and assistance about healthcare opportunities for families through each district’s parental involvement department. Establish in-person application/renewal assistant with the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida during parent meetings and summer registration events.