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Florida Covering Kids & Families

Florida Covering Kids & Families

Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) Cycle II

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Florida Covering Kids & Families works to engage school districts in outreach and enrollment activities statewide. Rural school districts will receive special attention, as well as school districts with large populations of limited English proficient students. In addition, a multimedia teen marketing campaign and curriculum will target uninsured adolescents in high schools and the community. We also work with the Florida Association of Children's Hospitals to increase the number of school health and social work professionals trained to identify and assist eligible families with applications. Project participants will use grant funds to engage schools in outreach, enrollment and renewal activities through the following strategies:

  • Increase the number of school districts within the state where families may apply and receive assistance. 

  • Work with Florida Association of Children's Hospitals to implement the Train-the-Trainer module to increase the number of trained school health professional identifying and assisting eligible families. 

  • Expand the train-the-trainer module to engage other key partners such as Florida Associations of School Board members and Superintendents. 

  • Enhance methods of facilitating identification of potentially eligible children within school districts throughout the state. 

  • Provide application and renewal assistance through incorporating outreach and enrollment systems into the routine practices of schools within targeted districts. 

  • Use community-based outreach partners to establish and/or enhance school districts in geographic areas of the state with diverse populations and high rates of uninsured children who may quailify for Florida KidCare to identify children up for renewal and assist their families with the renewal procedures. 

  • Develop a multimedia teen marketing campaign and peer-to peer initiative utilizing a peer interview approach and curriculum designed to tailor to uninsured adolescents in high schools. 

  • Engage high school service and leadership programs to promote the multimedia campaign and train adolescents on peer-to-peer outreach efforts as a means to reach out to adolescents and their parents. 

  • Target difficult-to-reach and minority populations with the highest percentages of uninsured children partnering with Limited English Proficient (LEP) student programs statewide. 

  • Share lessons learned through creating a School Outreach, Enrollment and Renewal curriculum created with feedback from two annual state-focused meetings to connecting statewide school associations with school districts and community-based outreach partners