Integrated MPH/Dietetic Internship

Financial Resources

Dietetic Interns are eligible for federal loans. Step-by-step guidance is available for USF graduate students.

Applicants and Interns are encouraged to apply for scholarships through The Academy in addition to their state and local dietetic associations.

If considering loan deferment, contact the DI director. Forbearance is often the best choice but depends on each individual loan agreement.

Because of the intensity of the dietetic internship and graduate studies, employment is highly discouraged. If you plan to become employed, it is important to consult with the program director on how a working schedule may affect your performance in the program. While faculty and preceptors are sympathetic to the students’ need for employment, employment schedules cannot take priority over the academic and clinical requirements of the program.

Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarship

For the recruitment of an outstanding NEW Masters student accepted into the Nutrition and Dietetics program at  USF, COPH. The award is for five semesters; $4,000 award per term, tuition & fees, health insurance.


  • Acceptance into the USF or Bay Pines Dietetic Internship
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA 3.5
  • Personal statement* that includes the following:
    • Brief summary of personal accomplishments demonstrating your potential to succeed in graduate school
    • Specific career objectives related to the field of public health
    • How you would benefit from receiving this award
      *This should be different from your DI personal statement and clearly demonstrate your potential to be a strong contributor in the Nutrition and Dietetics MPH program. 


Please contact Dr. Theresa Crocker (
Application deadline: April 29, 2019. Submit to: SUBJECT: Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarship