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COPH is piloting the use of intelligent business process management (IBPM) at USF through the use of Appian’s cloud-based software platform. Developed using an approach that focuses on quickly releasing products so that they can be used and get feedback for enhancement. The goal is to release good products quickly, not perfect projects developed over long periods of time.

Our first release is focusing on four applications: the student record, your student’s program of study check sheet, the change of advisor process, and an Archivum intake form for new applications & features. We are hoping that through this effort, we will make it a little easier on you to complete the various administrative tasks required to support our students and navigate the various business processes through the College infrastructure.

Archivum is the home of a suite of applications and programs that will support our College community. Working closely with USF Health IS, we are embracing a strategy that focuses on quickly developing products that we can put into live use. The advantage of this approach is that we can develop and launch products much faster than in the past.

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