Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and Public Health (M.P.H.)

This exciting dual degree is offered for students accepted to the Stetson College of Law Program and the College of Public Health M.P.H. program (any concentration). Students must meet all entrance criteria of both programs in order to be accepted to the dual program. This includes taking the GRE and the LSAT. Students should contact the academic admission offices at each institution for consultation on application procedures. Students enrolled in the M.P.H./J.D. should be able to complete both programs within five years.

Admissions Process

Stetson Law Students: Students already enrolled in Stetson College of Law will normally apply to the dual degree program in their first or second year. Law students applying to the College of Public Health must complete a SOPHAS application, USF Graduate School application, and a USF Dual Degree form. Students in the program will usually complete either one or two years of law school, after which they will spend at least one year completing their M.P.H. program in the USF College of Public Health. Students will have the ability to choose whichever concentration within the College that best meets their interests and needs and which they are formally accepted to by the College and Department.

After completing their M.P.H., students will return to Stetson to complete their J.D. and prepare for the bar exam. The virtue of this study plan is that students will commence M.P.H. study with a sound foundation in law and legal process, and students will complete the elective portion of their legal study with a sound foundation in public health.

College of Public Health Students: Students in the College of Public Health will enroll in the M.P.H./J.D. program, complete the M.P.H. degree, meet the admission requirements of Stetson which includes taking the LSAT, and then enroll in the Stetson College of Law to complete the J.D.