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Social marketing is a well-established discipline used worldwide by health agencies and NGOs to effect beneficial social change. Based on traditional marketing concepts, with roots in Public Health and other disciplines such as environmental studies and anthropology, it offers proven techniques to influence behavior and improve individuals’ and societies’ well-being. Social marketing has been successfully used to address issues such as childhood obesity, drinking and driving, HIV/AIDs prevention, cancer screening, waste reduction, and breastfeeding. The discipline is included in formal objectives in the U.S. Federal Healthy People 2020, which seek to increase the use of social marketing in health promotion and disease prevention.


This Graduate Certificate equips professionals and students with the social marketing skills needed to tackle complex health problems. Participants will learn marketing principles and social change tools to design, implement, and evaluate behavioral interventions and policy changes. The curriculum gives training in framing a behavioral change intervention in marketing terms, formative research skills, program management skills, program evaluation techniques, and ethical principles that guide social marketers. The program is completed exclusively online.

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  • Tuition and Fees

    All in-state students will pay the approved USF tuition and fees for the 2014-15 academic year (click for details). Out-of-state and international students should contact Dr. Claudia Parvanta or Dr. Mahmooda Khaliq Pasha (contact below) for tuition information.

  • Employment Opportunities

    Social marketers are employed by social-change organizations or the private sector companies that support them. Prospective employers include NGOs, government agencies, charities, academia, and the private sector (for example, marketing or research agencies).

  • Contact Information

    To learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Social Marketing, please contact:

    Dr. Claudia Parvanta ( or 813-974-7434), or 
    Dr. Mahmooda Khaliq Pasha ( or 813-974-4390).