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MSPH with in Concentration in Occupational Exposure Science (formerly Industrial Hygiene)

Professionals in the field of Occupational Exposure Science (formerly called Industrial Hygiene) play an important role in the protection of worker health via workplace assessments and interventions. Training in Occupational Exposure Science is designed to build on the basic skills of those with a background in science and engineering so that students will be able to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control chemical, physical and biological hazards in the workplace. The development of research skills is also a critical component of the program.

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  • What Type of Educational Background Should an OES Student Have?

    Students who are successful in the Occupational Exposure Science program typically have undergraduate degrees in one of the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Physical Science), or Engineering.
  • What Will My Academic Program Look Like?

    Students in Occupational Exposure Science will take courses on topics such as exposure assessment and control, safety, analytical methods, air quality, indoor air quality, risk assessment and environmental health law. To facilitate learning and apply their classroom knowledge, students will participate in a field experience. Students have the option to travel nationally or internationally for their field experience. We prepare our students for a life of professional practice, and expect graduates to advance in their careers.

    The USF Occupational Exposure Science program is dedicated to continuous improvement in accordance with the needs of students, stakeholders and employers, research needs of the discipline, and the standards of the profession.

    This OES MSPH degree practices a Continuous Improvement Program in accordance with our NIOSH Sunshine ERC Grant requirements, the College CEPH accreditation, and the University SACS accreditation.

  • Career Opportunities

    Our graduates work in a variety of job sites such as oil and gas companies, aircraft manufacturing facilities, computer chip manufacturers, national laboratories, nuclear power plants, school districts, consulting firms, and even orange juice manufacturers. Some of our graduates opt to go to work for a branch of the military or for government agencies such as OSHA or the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and some pursue academic careers. In addition, we expect our graduates to continue to grow in the field of Occupational Exposure Science and we measure graduate success according to these program objectives.

    According to the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) 2013 Compensation Survey Report, the average salary for industrial hygienists was $105,166, compared with $94,947 in 2008. Industrial hygienists in the pharmaceutical industry earned the highest average salary at $117,106, and respondents 65 or older had the highest average salary at $132,471. The lowest average salaries were reported by respondents in government or the military ($96,291), and those younger than 35 ($69,820). The rate of increase in salaries is expected to continue.

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