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MSPH with a Concentration in Genomics 


The MSPH concentration in Genomics trains students to develop cutting-edge and transferrable skills in Applied Data Sciences, such as big data analytics, bio data pattern mining, artificial intelligence (AI) aided bio data research, advanced statistical biocomputing and population data processing in public health and environment sciences. This Genomics MSPH degree program is designed for students who seek an individualized, research-oriented program. This concentration provides an intense research and technical program for science-oriented students with an interest in genomics of diverse science domains, from basic microbiology, vector biology and disease biology to marine sciences. Individualized courses of study are determined for students with the cooperation of an advisory committee, which allows students to receive specialized training in a broad variety of genomics-related topics that intersect with public health. Students are encouraged to work on interdisciplinary projects and collaborate with any Genomics Program members (regardless of college affiliation). Students will be encouraged to have creative thinking and develop innovative research methodologies to pave ways for their future career growth. This concentration focuses on preparing students to fulfill leadership and research roles that incorporate genomic technologies into research and practice settings in order to approve public and environmental health.

Several course offerings and areas of emphasis allow for flexibility in tailoring a program that meets each student’s needs. The MSPH culminates with an independent thesis project, which requires a substantial time commitment on the part of the student, thesis advisor and thesis committee. Preference for admission is given to students with a background or demonstrated skills in the biological sciences and a clear vision related to their educational and career goals.

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  • Concentration Faculty

    The USF Genomics Program spans multiple colleges and departments at the University of South Florida, and is reflected in the participating faculty, who offers excellent and broad range mentorship for the program.

    Students from across USF system can work with the groups within the program; each student will be matched with mentors to develop their individual research projects.

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    To learn more, please contact a Pre-Admissions Advisor at (813) 974-6505 or