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MSPH with a Concentration in Environmental and Occupational Health

Students in the Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) program with a concentration in Environmental and Occupational Health (EOV) gain a broad perspective in the foundational public health sciences. They also experience an advanced, in-depth, technical education in the sciences related to the impact of the environment and occupation on human health and well-being. The development of research skills and an understanding of how to interpret and present research results are important aspects of this MSPH concentration.

Students in this concentration will take courses that align to their area of interest, such as environmental health, air pollution, toxicology, occupational health and safety and human health-risk assessment. Students enrolled in this MSPH concentration are likely to be recent graduates of undergraduate programs in natural science (biology, chemistry, physics, earth science or environmental science), environmental engineering or medicine; employees of county or state agencies; in a military education program; or involved in environmental health and safety management with a company.

Our students are generally motivated to earn this advanced degree in order to become an environmental scientist or manager; to increase their competence as an environmental scientist or manager; as pre-medical training; to qualify and prepare for professional certifications; or as a prelude to a doctoral program.

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