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MPH with a Concentration in Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Relief & Homeland Security


The online MPH concentration of Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Relief and Homeland Security plays an important role in global health, especially in the areas of armed conflict and natural disasters. With the increase in weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear and biological threats from terrorist groups and radical states, the need for formal training and education has increased. Local and international organizations, governments and United Nation agencies are in need of highly trained professionals to manage and direct programs to reduce the global public health threats that continue to plague us. Where and when the next tsunami or earthquake will strike, or how the next terrorist group will respond, is unknown. But the logic behind professionally mitigating and preparing for one of these incidences places us in a stronger position to respond. Combining this framework with the existing disaster management and humanitarian courses will provide graduates with the ability to recognize, assess, implement relief strategies and evaluate a global or local disaster.

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If you want to first consider one of the three fully online graduate certificates, you can access the flyers below by going to Disaster Management, Humanitarian Assistance, or Homeland Security. Visit the University of South Florida website at or contact Dr. Amber Mehmood ( or (813) 974-8221).

  • Employment Opportunities

    Employment varies for graduates. Those who are in the military, PHS Corps or are governmental employees generally remain in the current employment but with a strengthened resume to move to a better suited position. Others just starting out will have the formal education but will then need to begin at an entry level supervisory position to gain experience. Currently we have alumni with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the military and PHS Corps, Federal, State and local governments, health care settings, and both National and International Non-governmental Organizations (e.g. Carter Center In Sudan, World Vision in Africa).

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    To learn more, please contact a Pre-Admissions Advisor at (813) 974-6505 or