M.P.H. with a Concentration in Global Health Practice

The global health concentration will prepare students for achieving a professional position in the field of international public health, such as with international, bilateral, governmental and non-governmental agencies. The curriculum focuses on assessment and intervention strategies useful in resolving health problems of primarily undeveloped countries. Global Health Practice students have an opportunity to select courses that focus on areas such as epidemiology, maternal and child health, management and socio-cultural health. Students who choose to combine this program with the Peace Corps Master's International program will be able to obtain a long-term field placement experience that will enhance their marketability for employment.


In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the Master of Public Health degree, applicants should also meet these concentration prerequisites:

  • Public health course prerequisites: none
  • Suggested/preferred undergraduate majors: none
  • Work experience: not required
  • Other criteria: Minimum technology requirements include intermediate computer skills, two letters of recommendation, resume, and goal statement.

Concentration Faculty