M.P.H. with a Concentration in Maternal and Child Health

The Maternal and Child Health concentration prepares health professionals and individuals in related fields for leadership roles in community based organizations that focus on major public health problems of women, children and families, especially among culturally diverse and under-served populations. Using multidisciplinary approaches, students develop analytical, advocacy, programmatic and evaluative skills to address health disparities, and to emphasize health promotion and disease prevention among populations in need.


In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the Master of Public Health degree, applicants should also meet these concentration prerequisites:

  • Suggested/preferred undergraduate majors: Undergraduate majors may be admitted from a wide range of backgrounds, although majors from the health sciences such as nursing, social work, counseling, pre-med, the natural sciences are desirable.
  • Work experience: Work experience in the field of public health, health or natural sciences, counseling, communications, social work, etc. is considered extremely desirable.
  • Other criteria: Three letters of recommendation from academic and/or related professional sources, career goals statement.