M.P.H. with a Concentration in Health, Safety & Environment (Online Program)

The Health, Safety, & Environment concentration will provide a strong foundation for students to advance their careers by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to address the complex and evolving regional, national and global challenges related to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE). All courses in this program are offered online and there is a required ten day capstone experience on campus in Tampa, Florida at the conclusion of coursework.

This program is intended to appeal to experienced working professionals anywhere in the world who seek to broaden their understanding of the interrelatedness of these three key areas. The fundamentals of exposure assessment and analytical methods will lay the groundwork for topics that include the basics of the persistent worldwide issues of air and water quality, solid and hazardous wastes, worker safety, legal requirements, and effective management. The impact of health, safety and the environment topics will be addressed for developed and less developed countries. Students will have the opportunity to develop a major emphasis in an area of their choice.

Students work in consultation with faculty advisors to complete a program of study that best suits their primary interest and fits with their career goals. The required core courses address universal public health topics: epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health policy and management, and social and behavioral health. The required concentration courses develop the student’s mastery of the important aspects of health, safety and the environment. The electives allow a student to develop specialized knowledge in an area of interest. The field experience requirement typically is done in an area not directly related to the student’s employment and promotes broader appreciation of the field and a synthesis of different systems. With the assistance of the advisor, the student must complete a special project of his or her own design. During the on-campus capstone event students will work in teams to develop solutions for real world problems, and also will receive hands-on experience with equipment and laboratory methods.

The student may elect to attain the M.P.H. degree either full or part time.


In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the Master of Public Health degree, applicants should also meet these concentration prerequisites:

  • Public Health course prerequisites: None
  • Suggested/preferred undergraduate majors: environmental science, engineering, biology, public health
  • Work experience: None required; however, relevant work experience may be considered when determining the number of credits required for the Field Experience.
  • Other criteria: Two letters of recommendation