Activist Lab


Advocacy Champion 2022 Awardee

The Activist Lab Advocacy Champion Award honors exemplary public health advocates who work to be the change agents in our world. Members of Guardian ad Litem Program received the 2022 award for their community service and contributions.

2021-2022 Civic Engagement Award

Advocation - Change It Up Podcast

The Activist Lab was funded by Research! America for a 2021-2022 civic engagement microgrant award for the 2022 Activist Lab Bootcamp and for the Advocation - Change it Up! podcast episode that features Bootcamp participants.

2021 ACTION Award

The Activist Lab was funded by the American Public Health Association for the 2021 ACTION (Advocacy on Campus that Impacts Our Nation) award for educational programs and outreach on sexual assault awareness.

2020 Program of the Year

The Activist Lab received the Program of the Year Award for its Gun Violence and Advocacy seminar featuring activists David Hogg and X González, survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting in Parkland, FL.