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COPH Competencies Online Form 

College of Public Health Competencies Online Form
(For ALL Degree Seeking Students using a plan of study prior to Fall 2017)

About this set of COPH competencies

From 2011 through 2017 the USF College of Public Health (COPH) developed competencies for all programs offered at the college. The competencies are intended to serve as a resource and guide for those interested in improving the quality and accountability of public health education and training. These competencies cover the five areas of knowledge basic to public health, in addition to interdisciplinary areas relevant to contemporary public health practice.

How this data will be used

Data gathered through these forms will help to guide our educational offerings in the college and will be analyzed in aggregate only, with no student identifiers. We certainly hope that achievement of these competencies will allow students to be better prepared for the National Public Health Certification Exam and for the public health workforce.

Student Responsibility

  • All degree seeking students using a plan of study prior to Fall 2017 are to periodically review their online competencies form as they progress throughout their academic program, noting those competencies that have been met, and specifically indicating how the competencies were met (i.e. particular courses, fieldwork, etc.). Students should NOT check competencies they believe were not met.
  • A completed competencies form is required for graduation for all degree seeking students who use a plan of study prior to Fall 2017:

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