Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health

The University of South Florida College of Public Health’s Tau Chapter of Delta Omega was established in 1987 and has over 400 members.

The Delta Omega Honorary Society was founded in 1924 at the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health to promote excellence and recognize accomplishments in public health. There are over 100 chapters worldwide with 20,000 individual members throughout the US and abroad.


  • Tau Chapter 2020 Officers

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    Somer Burke, MPH, CPH, President

    • Assistant Director, Experiential Learning, Academic and Student Affairs
    • Delta Omega Member since 2007
    • Delta Omega National Executive Committee, Member-at-Large, 2018-2019
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    Alison Oberne, Ph.D., MPH, MA, CPH, President-Elect

    • Director of BSPH Program; Instructor II
    • Delta Omega Member since 2010
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  • Membership

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    A National Executive Committee administers Delta Omega while each chapter conducts the principal Delta Omega activities. For information about Delta Omega, please visit

    The chapters elect new members each year from three categories:

    1. Students who are candidates for a degree in public health,
    2. Faculty members at the school of public health, and
    3. Alumni actively engaged in public health work

    Elections are based on outstanding performance in: scholarship and leadership in students, teaching and research in faculty members, and community service in alumni. Membership in Delta Omega reflects the dedication of an individual to quality in the field of public health and to protection and advancement of the health of all people. Inductions take place each year during National Public Health Week. Nominations to Delta Omega are faculty-driven. 

  • Student Awards | Delta Omega Society

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    2020 Awardees

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    Jade Abrams
    Katelyn Agosto
    Sara Bornett
    Shamease Cooper
    Surea Gainey
    Adeleke Gbadamosi
    Savannah Green
    Layzamarie Irizarry-Colon
    Jivan James
    Marissa Millard
    Rachel Miller
    Rose Mary
    Mulholland Keely Ricketts
    Emma Tumarkin
    Martha Williams
    Naomi Williams


    Juliana Azeredo
    Savannah Carpenter
    Emalyn Deak
    Christopher Eck
    Hunter Harrison
    Katherine Hehmeyer
    Andrew Lim
    Sharonda Lovett
    Samantha Montoya
    Kristopher Pickens
    Danilo Polanco
    Concha Prieto
    Emily Rawlings
    Emily Tash
    Christopher Young
    Jeremiah Corrigan
    Rochelle Logan
    Ellyn Marder
    Kimberly Scott
    Tara Foti


    Abu-Sayeef Mirza


    Dinorah Martinez
    Tyson Jennifer  Marshall



  • News

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