About the Professional Integrity Program

Overview & Structure

USF Health has established a compliance and quality improvement program, called the Professional Integrity Program (PIP), with a focus on doing the right things well. The goals of the program are to:

  1. Coordinate professional integrity activities within the USF Health and in coordination with USF as a whole;
  2. Ensure an institutional perspective;
  3. Use the Federal Guidelines for effective compliance programs as a basis for the program;
  4. Implement an "early warning" process for emerging compliance/integrity issues;
  5. Raise awareness about legal and ethical issues and obligations; and
  6. Through quality improvement activities and applying best practices, ensure our teaching, research and patient care activities are legally sound and reflect our professional integrity.

The PIP promotes a culture of professional integrity wherein every member of the USF Health community demonstrates integrity in all they do, and the right thing is done even when it involves a short-term cost.