Prerequisite Courses

Courses Credits
English 3
Calculus 3
Statistics 3
General Chemistry (w/lab) 8
Organic Chemistry (w/lab) 8
Physics 4
General Biology (w/lab) 8
Microbiology 3
Human Anatomy & Physiology 8
Cell or Molecular Biology (upper division) 3
Biochemistry (upper division) 3
Genetics 3
General Psychology or Sociology 3
Economics (Micro or Macro) 3
Humanities and Arts AND/OR Behavioral and Social Sciences (1 course related to diversity and culture and/or social and ethical issues) 9
Total 72


  • All coursework (including online courses) must be taken at a 2 or 4-year regionally accredited institution within the US.
  • Courses must be completed regardless of previous degrees earned.
  • Courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.
  • If accepted into the Class of 2023, the deadline by when missing prerequisites must be completed is July 19, 2019. 
  • AP and IB test scores may be used in lieu of coursework to fulfill prerequisites. AP coursework is accepted with a score of 3 or higher. IB coursework is accepted with a score of 4 or higher. Credit toward prerequisites is awarded if your AP test score (3, 4, or higher) or IB test score (4, 5, or higher) is reported on your official transcript. DO NOT submit AP or IB test scores as part of the application process. Admitted students will be provided with specific information about submitting score reports to the Office of Admissions. 
  • Gordon rule courses will not meet the English prerequisite requirement; English courses must be taken with the English Department at or above the level of English Composition or English Literature (ESL courses will not be accepted).
  • Applicants who attend a college on the quarter system should multiply the number of credits by .66 for translation into semester hours. Round partial credits of .5 and above up to the next semester hour; credits at .4 and below are rounded down. 

Outdated coursework? Completion of prerequisite coursework will be critically reviewed by the Admissions Committee. The date when prerequisite courses were completed, particularly math and/or science coursework, as well as the grade earned in all prerequisite courses will be reviewed. Upon transcript review, you may be advised to retake a course(s) completed five or more years ago.