Pharmacy and Health Education Concentration

The Pharmacy and Health Education Concentration Provides students with a strong background theory of teaching and learning and the skill sets necessary to provide Pharmacy and Health Education in various formats (i.e. CE, Precepting, in-services). It also provides the opportunity to become engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Upon completion of the concentration coursework, a student will be able to:

  1. Articulate the role of life-long learning in the Pharmacy Profession and ways to utilize self-reflection to identify areas of need.
  2. Describe career paths in health education and the roles and responsibilities of health educators.
  3. Employ effective teaching and assessment methods to provide appropriate education to various populations including peers, other health professionals, and the general public.
  4. Create effective learning environments, teaching tools and assessments based-upon evidence-based learning theory and cognitive practice.

  • Coursework

    Required Courses (9 credit hours) Credit Hours Required PharmD Course Year Offered Semester Offered
    HSC 6261 Teaching Essentials 2 No PY2 or PY3 Fall
    HSC 6261L Teaching Essentials Lab 1 No PY2 or PY3 Fall / Spring
    PHA 7684 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)
    *Academic Focus
    6 No PY4 *Any
    Elective Courses (2 credit Hours)
    PHA 6877C Critical Care Pharmacotherpy 2 No PY3 Spring
    PHA 6780C Advanced Topics in Oncology Pharmacy Practice 2 No PY3 Spring
    PHA6916* Directed Independent Research 3 No PY3 *Any
    *Please contact Concentration Coordinator to ensure courses or project topics align with concentration for credit.
  • Eligibility

    Due to the enhanced workload and rigors of the concentration, students must meet benchmark eligibility requirements and complete an application to be selected for this program. Eligibility requirements include all of the following:

    1. PY2 or PY3 standing
    2. GPA ≥ 3.0
    3. Support from your student success coach and at least (1) course coordinator via signatures on the application form.
  • Important Deadlines & Declaration Process

    Step 1: Concentration Application

    Submit a completed application to the Concentration Coordinator

    Deadlines depend on desired enrollment date:
    Expected Enrollment Application Deadline
    Fall PY2 February 1st PY1
    Fall PY3 February 1st PY2

    Notification of acceptance will occur March 1 of the year applied.

    Step 2: Course Registration

    Complete the course enrollment form with the concentration coordinator, then submit to the College Records and Registration Specialist by April 1st of the year applied.

    To withdraw from the program, please notify the concentration coordinator no later than September 1st of PY3.

  • Contact Information

    Concentration Coordinator

    Gwendolyn Wantuch, PharmD, BCPS, BCNSP
    (813) 974-4852


You are able to enroll in the Teaching Essentials Course during your PY2 or PY3 Year. Please see the course requirement chart to identify when courses are offered, to assist in planning your course schedule .

PY2 students who elect to enroll, this will be an additional 2 credit hours on-top of your current course load. It may count towards your elective hours, thereby reducing your workload in your PY3 year

PY3 students may elect to take this course in addition to another elective, or in place of your Fall elective

No. Once you declare this concentration, you will work alongside the Concentration Coordinator to ensure placement in courses to fufill necessary requirements.

You may choose to take another elective on-top of the Teaching Essentials Elective, and would need to include this in your elective rank list.