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MS in Biomedical Engineering

Approved and Available now!

Concentration in Pharmacy (Jointly with College of Pharmacy)

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (M.S.B.E.) Degree

Biomedical Engineering is a highly interdisciplinary program that combines engineering and the medical sciences. The student works with an advisor to develop a customized and unique graduate program that draws on courses from engineering, medicine, public health, and the life sciences. Current active areas of research include: biomechanics, biomaterials, medical imaging, neuroengineering, tissue engineering, sensors, cellular-level drug delivery, and rehabilitation engineering. In addition to USF Health, participating institutions include the James Haley Veterans Administration Hospital, Florida Orthopedics Institute, and Tampa General Hospital. For more information, please contact the BME Program Advisor. This degree offers students a great opportunity to stand out from their peers with this tailored degree.

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Contact Information
College of Engineering
Chemical Engineering Department (ECH)
4202 E. Fowler Avenue ENB118
Tampa, FL 33620
Program Director or Coordinator:
Robert Frisina
Phone: 813-974-4013