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Application Procedure

The Office of Admissions works in collaboration with the USF Graduate Admissions Office and the Taneja College of Pharmacy (TCOP) Office of Graduate Programs. Our role is to assist you in understanding the graduate application process as outlined on this page.

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How to apply to the MSPN program

  1. USF Graduate Application for Admissions  and associated application fee ($30)
    • Application Codes:
      • College code is RX
      • Major Code is PNT
      • Degree Code is MS
      • GRE Institution for ETS GRE Scores: 5828.
    • Application fee ($30): If you encounter any problems with the online submission, please contact Graduate Admissions by email or call (813) 974-3350. If you meet any of the eligibility criteria listed on the Application Fee Waiver form (available on the Graduate Admissions forms website), you must submit it to Graduate Admissions BEFORE submitting the online application.
    • Please refer to the Office of Graduate Studies, Graduate Catalog for more information on program requirements and admissions information.
  2. Transcripts: Official transcript from each post-secondary institution attended is required and must be submitted to the USF Office of Admissions from the institution’s Office of the Registrar. All transcripts must be in English. Visit [ for additional information.
    • International Applicants visit to ensure you are meeting University official transcript requirements.  Our program does require a course-by-course evaluation from a foreign transcript evaluation service.  Your application will not be reviewed without this course-by-course evaluation.
    • Foreign Transcripts - will need a course/degree equivalency evaluation from a NACES member (i.e. WES evaluation).
    • Domestic Applicants: Unofficial transcripts should also be uploaded to the online application, preferably in Adobe PDF format, to expedite the processing of the application.
    • You do not need to request an official transcript from USF if your bachelor degree was completed at USF. If you have one or two semesters before you obtain your bachelor’s degree, you may apply as long as your upper-level GPA remains at least 3.0. However, you will need to submit to Graduate Admissions an additional official transcript showing that your bachelor’s degree was awarded before being officially accepted by the university.
  3. Standardized Tests
    • GRE Scores: Applicants with GRE scores must arrange for a full set of GRE scores, including the Analytic or written portion of the test, to be sent to USF by Educational Testing Service (ETS). Due to COVID-19 and disruption of normal testing sites, applicants for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 are not required to submit GRE scores. USF’s institutional code is 5828. USF’s institutional code is 5828. Applicants with MCAT, PCAT, or DAT test scores must arrange for official test scores, to be sent to the USF Taneja College of Pharmacy Office of Admissions at 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MDC 67, Tampa, FL 33612.
    • TOEFL/IELTS/PTE-A: Required of international applicants from non-English speaking countries or who have not earned a degree in the US. Click here for more information.
    • To expedite the processing of your application, you may upload unofficial scores to the application portal. However, your admission will not be finalized until we receive your official test scores.
  4. Letters of Recommendation: Letter writers should upload their letters in Adobe PDF format, to the online application system. When the application is submitted and paid, an email will be automatically sent to the recommenders with instructions on completing and returning the reference letters. If the application has not yet been submitted and paid, the email will NOT be sent to the recommenders. The email message provides a link through which the recommenders can upload and email electronic letters to the online application. On occasion, recommenders may have trouble receiving the initial email because of firewall restrictions or because the applicant typed the wrong email address; it is the applicant's responsibility to see that the letter writers receive their emails. 
  5. Resume: Please upload to the online application in Adobe PDF format. 
  6. Statement of Purpose
  7. Submission: All application documents must be uploaded directly to the online graduate application site, preferably in Adobe PDF format. When uploading documents please include your full name at the top of all documents. You will receive via the email address listed on your application notification of receipt of your application and decision.
  8. Late Receipt: Applications and documents received after the deadline will NOT be considered for the current year's term of entry, but may be considered the next year if the applicants so requests.
  9. Questions about the application process can be sent to the Taneja College of Pharmacy Office of Admissions at or call Mrs. Alanna O'Brien, at (813) 974-3455.

    USF Taneja College of Pharmacy Office of Admissions
    12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MDC 67
    Tampa, FL 33620

English proficiency requirements must be met within 2 years of the desired term of entry.


The College reserves the right to make changes in requirements for admission, curriculum, standards for advancement and graduation, tuition, fees, and rules and regulations. Please check back regularly to note any changes. 

USF Taneja College of Pharmacy is open to all persons regardless of age, race, sex, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin who are otherwise eligible for admission as students. Please see USF Policy Number 0-007, Diversity and Equal Opportunity: Discrimination and Harassment.