Computer Requirements

USF Taneja College of Pharmacy Technology Requirement - Academic Year 2020-2021

The USF Taneja College of Pharmacy (TCOP) has a very active approach to using technology in support of student learning, and constantly works with students, faculty, and technology vendors to improve Pharmacy education. The following serves as a guide in regard to technology requirements for academic purposes. The guide reflects currently available educational software; however, changes may occur to help meet student learning needs. Students are encouraged to consider future upgrading capabilities prior to purchasing new equipment.

You can expect to use the following, or similar, educational technologies as a student. While some items will be used in all classes, others are specific to individual courses and will be detailed in the course syllabus.

Educational Technology  Company/Platform Cost
Learning Management System Canvas No additional fee
Testing System ExamSoft No additional fee
Experiential Education Application Core ELMS No additional fee
Immediate Response Device Top Hat $50 - 4-year subscription
Digital Clinical Experiences Shadow Health $100 - 4-year subscription 
Scientific Calculator 
Texas Instruments 30XII  $20-$30 depending on retailor
Computer Monitor Privacy Screen USF Computer Store  $30-$80 depending on size 

To obtain educational pricing, the USF online computer store catalog can be utilized for computer, software, and accessory purchases

USF Health Information Systems (IS) [] provides computer support.  Additionally, they are Dell certified and are able to provide onsite Dell hardware repairs without shipping to the vendor.

All students are required to have a laptop computer that meets the minimum USF TCOP requirements:
($300-$800 depending on brand, size, & retailer)
Dual Core i5 or higher processor (2Ghz or higher)
4GB RAM 250GB Storage
Windows 7 or higher
Microsoft Office 2013 or newer (available via free USF Health Download with Net ID)

Students should be aware of potential Mac OS compatibility limitations with some software and hardware used within the USF TCOP program.  Vendors of educational software do not always de-conflict multiple operating systems, thus students who choose to use Mac-based systems may be unable to meet class requirements. 

Recommended Warranty Coverage and Service Plans
Students should consider warranty coverage or service plans to cover equipment for the duration of your years of study (i.e. 4 years).  As available, consider accidental damage warranty and those with on-site service capabilities.

Other Items Used by Students (not required)

Desktop PC or Tablet Color printer
DVD/optical drive (internal or external) Web camera
External hard drive and/or USB Flash Drive Travel Mouse/Keyboard
USF Canvas LMS offers up to 21 GB of free storage:  
USF Health offers account with 100 GB of free storage: 

HIPAA Compliance
Patient confidentiality and privacy is of utmost concern.  Students must be cognizant of any and all computerized/digitized patient information and remain in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) at all times.

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