Simulation Lab

CELS/CACL Process for Scheduling Space Requests

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Step 1

Submit Lab Space Request
8 weeks before start of semester

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Step 2

Approval Notification
Requests will be confirmed 4 weeks prior to start of semester by email. Reservations will be visible in 25Live

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Step 3

Submit Setup Request Form
6 weeks prior to EACH simulation activity
CELS/CACL Setup Request Form

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Step 4

Setup confirmation
24 hours prior to activity a lab staff member will confirm equipment, supplies, room setup with program point of contact.

Step #1 - Submit Space Reservation

  • Requests submitted 8 weeks prior to start of semester
    • Fall: July 1st
    • Spring: November 15th
    • Summer: March 15th
  • Email request to
  • Include the following:
    • Dates and times of activities
    • Room requests
    • Number of learners

Step #2 – Approval Notification

  • The director/assistant director will review and approve requests
  • Requester will receive an email confirmation once approved
    • If we are unable to accommodate your request, we will contact you to seek an alternative solution
  • Approved requests will be placed in 25 Live for visibility/planning purposes

Step #3 – Complete Lab Setup Form

  • Utilize this link to complete the lab setup form before EACH scheduled lab activity
  • One form required for each lab activity
    • Encouraged to submit setup request when submitting space reservation,
    • Submit setup form a minimum of 6 weeks prior to event

Setup #4 Setup Confirmation

  • A member of the lab team will review the lab setup request and will seek clarification and additional information as needed
  • Course faculty will be contacted 24hrs before scheduled lab activities to confirm the setup
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before lab activities to the setup and lab plan