Simulation Lab


The lead faculty for your course(s) will schedule when your class will be in the lab.
Individual lab practice times may be requested through the lead faculty for your course, however approval of these requests depend on time and space.  
There is not a specific parking lot assigned to the lab. Students will need to purchase a parking permit. Visit the USF Parking & Transportation Services to learn more about permits and parking locations.
USF uniform/scrubs or lab coat over professional attire - check with the lead faculty for your course for specific dress code requirements. Open toe shoes and sandals are not permitted in the lab. To prevent cross contamination please do not wear the shoes that you wear to your clinicals in the lab.
Lockers with combination locks are located in the lab entrance hall and are available for storing your backpacks/books during lab.
No food or drinks are permitted in the lab. If food or drinks are properly contained and sealed, they may be stored in the lockers located in the lab entrance hallway.
You may bring pad/pencils and personal diagnostics tools (stethoscopes, etc.) as needed into the lab.

Not allowed in the lab are:
  • Ink Pens or Markers
  • Student Cell Phones or Electronic Devices
  • Food or Drinks
Prior to taking any photos or videos, pre-approval is required by both the lead faculty for your course and the lab director/assistant director.