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The USF College of Nursing is leading the development and implementation of initiatives to promote health and wellness in our community and around the world. In an ever-evolving health care environment, we are engaged in the expansion of opportunities for faculty and students to utilize their academic, research, and clinical expertise within the community.

Community Engagement

The USF College of Nursing is committed to expanding and strengthening university-community engagement locally and globally in support of USF’s strategic priorities. Our goal is to engage with the community and to provide access to nursing care through partnerships and projects.

Advanced Practice Provider Fellowship

The USF College of Nursing collaborates with our clinical partners to develop, accredit, and evaluate fellowships for advanced practice providers, to include both nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Each fellowship is uniquely created to ensure that new nurse practitioners and physician assistants have the training and education required to successfully transition from academia to a specialty clinical practice. The overarching goal is to increase the number of specialty-trained practitioners to develop the competency necessary to deliver high-quality, evidence-based, and safe patient care. The average fellowship program is 12 months in length, with curricula consisting of didactic and clinical experiences in varied specialty areas.

For eligibility requirements and deadlines for the following fellowships contact Ann Joyce.

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