Bachelor's Programs

RN to Bachelor's


The College of Nursing offers a Baccalaureate of Science degree with a major in nursing for registered nurses. This degree consists of 30 hours of coursework. This program of studies has been organized around the following components:

  • 15 Credit hours - Core Nursing courses 
  • 6 Credit hours - Cluster Nursing courses (Choose 1 cluster: Leadership/Management OR Patient/Staff Education OR Clinical Excellence) 
  • 9 Credit hours - Nursing Elective courses from any cluster 
  • Additional FKL/General Education and State Mandated Nursing requirements as needed 

Program Plan

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Semester I
NUR 3078 Information Technology Skills for Nurses 1
NUR 3805 Nursing as a Profession 2
NUR 4895 Educational Role of the Nurse in Healthcare 3
Semester II
NUR 4828C Foundations of Nursing Healthcare Leadership & Management 3
NUR/NSP Cluster Nursing Elective
(from Clinical, Education, or Leadership/Management Cluster)**
Semester III
NUR 4169C EBP for the Baccalaureate Prepared Nurse 3
NUR/NSP Cluster Nursing Elective
(from Clinical, Education, or Leadership/Management Cluster)**
Semester IV: 2 Elective Courses
NUR/NSP General Nursing Elective
(from any Cluster)**
NUR/NSP General Nursing Elective
(from any Cluster)**
Semester V: 1 Elective Course and Final Core Course
NUR/NSP General Nursing Elective
(from any Cluster)**
NUR 4634C Population Health 3
Total Nursing Credits  30

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Prerequisites and State Mandated Requirements
  English Composition I (Prerequisite) 3
  English Composition II (Prerequisite) 3
  Gordon Rule Math 3-6
  Anatomy & Physiology I 4
  Anatomy & Physiology II 4
  Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Biochemistry* 3
  The Life Cycle (DEP 2004) 3
  Human Nutrition (HUN 2201) 3
  Microbiology w/Lab 4
  Sociology or Psychology 3
USF Foundations of Knowledge and Learning
  Humanities 3
  Humanities 3
  Human & Cultural Diversity in a Global Context 3
  Fine Arts 3
  Three credit hours of the above coursework must complete Human Historical Context & Process ( 3
  Foreign Language 8
  Extra credits or Undistributed Credit if needed  
Total Credits  30

*(3 semester hours) in Chemistry (CHM), Physics (PHY), Biology (BSC), or Biochemistry (BCH) 2011-2012
NOTE: USF Capstone and Writing Intensive Exit Requirements will be satisfied by NUR 4634C and NUR 4169

** Contact Academic Advisor to declare Cluster and for listing of electives.

Sample cluster courses include:

Course Number Course Name
NSP 3880 Foundational of Healthcare Quality Improvement & Patient Safety
NSP 4869 Fundamentals of Health Care Finance
Patient/Staff Education
NSP 3147 Web-based Education Strategies
Clinical Excellence
NUR 4069 Health Assessment
NUR 4128 Pathophysiology/Pharmacology Update for RNs
NSP 4485 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on AIDS
NSP 4545 Substance Abuse across the Life Span
NUR 3678 Nursing Health Care for Vulnerable Populations
NSP 3640 Introduction to Military and Veteran Healthcare

Service Learning Practicum Hours

The RN to BS curriculum is designed for application to nursing practice. Four core courses include a required practicum for service learning projects (NUR 4895, NUR 4828C, NUR 4169C, and NUR 4634C). To facilitate the application of the project for practice, students admitted to the RN to BS program are expected to complete their practicum hours at their place of employment if the facility approves. It is the expectation that the student would have an opportunity in this situation to gain a broader and deeper perspective of their own organization as well as for the employer to have the opportunity to provide a forum for professional growth within the organization for the employee.

An Appropriate Practicum Facility would allow you to complete the following tasks:
  • Organizational Cultural Assessment
  • Patient Education Project
  • Evidence-Based Practice Project
  • Assessment of a Specific Patient Population using Healthcare Issues and Community Resources
***This practicum is not a hands-on clinical and will not require direct patient contact.***