Master's Concentrations

Nursing Education


Total credit hours: 37

The major goal of the Nursing Education program is to prepare graduates to teach in a variety of educational and health care settings including schools of nursing, staff development departments, and/or patient client education programs. Graduates of the master's program in nursing education are prepared with the essential research and theory core necessary for a career in nursing education.

Students choose a practice specialty core that extends their knowledge in a chosen field of practice and receive preparation in academic nursing. Course work in academic nursing emphasizes developing in the role as an educator and/or faculty member. Emphasis is on application of theories and principles of teaching/learning in a variety of health care settings and colleges of nursing. Through seminar discussions, individual and group projects, students will explore issues in teaching, curriculum development, evaluation methodologies, and current practice standards. Teaching practical experiences are designed to provide beginning experiences in the classroom, clinical settings and in the use of current technologies that relate to the role of the teacher in an academic and/or health care setting.

A Master’s College of Nursing Comprehensive Examination is required at the end of the program.

For Master's students without a BS in Nursing, additional bridge coursework will be required.

Course Code Title Credits Clock Hours
NGR 6055 Health Assessment for the Advanced Generalist Nurse 2
NGR 6146 Pathophysiology/Pharmacology for the Advance Generalist Nurse 4
NGR 6638 Health Promotion, Clinical Prevention, & Pop Health for Advanced Nursing 3
NGR 6733 Organization & System Leadership & Quality Improvement for Advanced Practice Nursing 3
NGR 6803 Research and Evidence-Based Practice 3
NGR 6893 Systems and Populations in Health Care 3
NGR 6713 Foundations of Nursing Education 3
NGR 6710 Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education 3
NGR 6718 Evaluation Strategies for Nursing Education 3
NGR 6719 Clinical Case Studies in Nursing Education 3
NGR 6940 Classroom/Online Teaching Practicum 2 120
NGR 6947 Clinical Teaching Practicum 2 120
XXX XXXX Cognate 3
Total 37 240

As approved by Graduate Council 04/16/2012, effective Fall 2012.