Neil Moudgill

Neil Moudgill, MD

Assistant Professor, College of Medicine Surgery

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Recent Publications

  • Lamb KM, DiMuzio PJ, Johnson A, Batista P, Moudgill N, McCullough M, Eisenberg JA, Hirose H, Cavarocchi NC. Arterial protocol including prophylactic distal perfusion catheter decreases limb ischemia complications in patients undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Journal of vascular surgery. 65(4) : 1074-1079, 2017.
  • Policha A, Moudgill N, Eisenberg J, Rao A, Dimuzio P. Coral reef aorta: case report and review of the literature. Vascular. , 2013.
  • Pineda D, Moudgill N, Eisenberg J, DiMuzio P, Rao A. An interesting anatomic variant of inferior vena cava duplication: case report and review of the literature. Vascular. 21(3) : 163-7, 2013.
  • Calligaro KD, Balraj P, Moudgill N, Rao A, Dougherty MJ, Eisenberg J. Results of polytetrafluoroethylene-covered nitinol stents crossing the inguinal ligament. Journal of vascular surgery. 57(2) : 421-6, 2013.
  • Holoyda K, Moudgill N, Chojnacki K, Eisenberg J. Abdominal Distension in a Middle-Aged Woman. JAMA surgery. , 2013.
  • Relles D, Moudgill N, Rao A, Rosato F, DiMuzio P, Eisenberg J. Robotic-assisted median arcuate ligament release. Journal of vascular surgery. 56(2) : 500-3, 2012.
  • Zhang P, Moudgill N, Hager E, Tarola N, Dimatteo C, McIlhenny S, Tulenko T, DiMuzio PJ. Endothelial differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells from elderly patients with cardiovascular disease. Stem cells and development. 20(6) : 977-88, 2011.
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  • Harris LJ, Moudgill N, Hager E, Abdollahi H, Goldstein S. Incidence of anastomotic leak in patients undergoing elective colon resection without mechanical bowel preparation: our updated experience and two-year review. The American surgeon. 75(9) : 828-33, 2009.
  • Moudgill N, Hager E, Gonsalves C, Larson R, Lombardi J, DiMuzio P. May-Thurner syndrome: case report and review of the literature involving modern endovascular therapy. Vascular. 17(6) : 330-5, 2009.
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